Thursday, November 14, 2013


when i carried and delivered Debbie's son, i did for her what she couldn't do for herself.
when Debbie gave to him all of her preparation, the sealing covenant, and a good father, she gave him what i couldn't.
now, i find that a stroke has taken her personality and much of her mental function.
she can't tell him how amazing and good and handsome he is. she can't counsel and comfort him.
i'm once again heart broken and scared to death. because once again it's my turn.
i am always here for her boy. i ask the Lord to hear my pleas for him on her behalf as well.
i hope when we reach the other side, she is as pleased with what i did with my part as i am with what she has done with hers.
i am intimidated. i know i can never fill her shoes and i would never try. he is hers forever. but i will love him for her as she loved him for me.

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